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Paranoia quotables

Boy, aint that a scary looking bunch of soldiers. Wolverines!!!

Boy, ain't that a scary looking bunch of soldiers. Wolverines!!!

OMGZ! Have you heard that Obama is fashioning himself a private Army, made up of Americorps volunteers? It’s true! And who hasn’t gazed upon the average gaggle of Americorps volunteers, fresh and clueless from college, and thought to themselves: “From this raw material, I could surely fashion a brutal cadre of fearsome shock troops that will finally bring Western civilization to its knees!” — Jason Linkins @ the Huffington Post

If you haven’t guessed yet, yup… it’s more insan-o-tainment from Glenn Beck.

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8 Responses to "Paranoia quotables"

  1. SMiles Lewis says:

    Okay I have to comment … first of all, if you are gonna hand out awards for the originators of what you consider crazy-talk, “insan-o-tainment” or “conspiratainment” as some others call it, you should at least go to the equally loud originating source: Alex Jones.

    Alex started propagating this meme as soon as Obama gave us food for thought:

    “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

    Colorado Springs, CO July 2, 2008

    Full context video here from an official Obama YouTube channel:

    And it is PSA videos like this one for City Year’s “I Am Change” ad campaign that have added fuel to the fire:

    Compound that with the news stories from the past 8 years of Firemen, City Utility workers, Cable television employees and Census workers all being trained to be Homeland Security Stasi snitches PLUS the stories about the Boy Scouts training kids in counter-terrorism tactics, etc. and it is all too easy to get a wee bit paranoid at the possible implications of such a Youth Corps becoming the next phase of the Nazification of America.

    Scouts Train to Fight Terrorists, and More

    Militarizing the Homeland

    Military Indoctrination of Youth in America

  2. Jeremy Wells says:

    True. Alex Jones and others were on this track before Glen Beck (I honestly don’t think a moron like Beck could come up with these sorts of ideas on his own.) The idea of FEMA death camps is older than Obama too (getting a big boost with Bush during Katrina if I recollect correctly), and is another conspiracy theory currently popular among right wing talking heads like Beck.

    But I’m not handing out awards, per se, or giving Beck credit for coining it. I’m just calling his brand of conspiracy-sans-proofs “insan-o-tainment”. Plus he’s got a much more visible platform for pushing his brand of crazy than most other random nut-jobs (like, say, the homeless guy who went on and on about us invading Mars when I gave him a dollar at the stoplight the other day).

    Alex Jones is conspiracy minded, but he’s too reasonable in his explanations and in control of his emotions to deserve ranking as the sort of “any insanity for ratings” nut Glen Beck plays on TV.

  3. Jeremy Wells says:

    And another thing that brands Beck as “insan-o-tainment” as opposed to conspiracy minded is that someone like Alex Jones opposes such things on principle no matter who the president is. He’s been pretty consistent IMO.

    Beck and his ilk though ignored (or even openly supported) the fascists things going on under Bush; but the moment Obama is in office, they dig up all these programs began under Bush and immediately pin them on Obama in attempts at fomenting domestic strife via misinformation.

    I personally see most Dems and Repubs as two sides of the same coin (they both represent vested interest and won’t allow third parties into the process, or anyone like a Ron Paul or Dennis Kucinich to elicit any real change from within the parties). And I think Jones’ suspicion of big government remains constant despite the party in power (which, despite his choice in subject matter that leaves the mainstream scratching their head, represents a type of unbiased reporting this country needs more of).

    That too separates him from the insan-o-tainment squawking heads on Fox, CNN, and other “news” networks.

    See… I really did think about this before I posted it. 😛

  4. SMiles Lewis says:

    Jeremy said: “Alex Jones is conspiracy minded, but he’s too reasonable in his explanations and in control of his emotions to deserve ranking as the sort of “any insanity for ratings” nut Glen Beck plays on TV.”

    LOL! You’ve obviously not watched or listened to enough AJ.

    But I hear ya… and I know you’ve researched this stuff more than you can put into a brief post.

    And I do agree that Glen Beck is just opportunistically criticizing the same dangerous government policies that every administration administers.

    As for the FEMA Camps meme … Alex just interviewed the director of a new film on just that topic yesterday and you can view the trailer at the links below:

    “ is proud to offer the new powerful film by William Lewis (Washington You’re Fired and Life on The Edge of a Bubble) and Gary Franchi (Republic Magazine and Restore the Republic!) that Glenn Beck is afraid you will see. CAMP FEMA exposes the background legislation already in place for civilian internment camps in the US. Learn what is already on the books and from first hand sources of our countries history of imprisoning it’s own citizens. CAMP FEMA features interviews from ALEX JONES, CATHERINE BLEISH, MICHAEL BADNARIK, & CHUCK BALDWIN”

    And that is one area where Glen Beck lies and says there is no evidence for these camps.

  5. Jeremy Wells says:

    LOL… it’s all relative man. Compared to Glenn Beck, AJ is the very picture of control, reason, and consideration.

  6. Jeremy Wells says:

    Ohhh. Camp FEMA comes out the day before my birthday. Maybe we should schedule a birthday viewing party, lol.

  7. SMiles Lewis says:

    Whoot! Video party!

    As to AJ’s emotional control … a lot of criticism gets lobbed at him for his lack of control in that regard. I’ve seen him totally freak out and I’ve seen him suck-it-up and be incredibly articulate and restrained for TV appearances.

    Here are two great Crazed-AJ clips:

    … and my personal favorite ….

  8. Jeremy Wells says:

    HAHAHAHAHA! I think the second one is the best. Sounds almost like something we would have done for our Third Thursday Open Mic. event back in college.

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