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Will There Be Another Near Miss With a UFO/Missile Over Houston?

Will There Be Another Near Miss With a UFO/Missile Over Houston?

John Etgen speaks with KHOU news on report of FAA rocket incident in Houston.

“There will be another such loud report!”
Carl Gustav Jung to Sigmund Freud

“Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action.”
Auric Goldfinger

The other day a friend was telling me about a new book by local author James Hynes titled NEXT. My friend described part of the book’s premise, that of the main character Kevin Quinn worrying about being shot-out-of-the-sky by a shoulder mounted rocket while coming in for a landing in Austin, Texas:

In the first paragraph of “Next,” he imagines terrorists “kneeling in the bed of a dinged-up pickup truck with Texas plates, or crouching on the springy backseat of a rented convertible on a dirt track just outside the airport fence.” He envisions a Stinger launching “toward the sleek underbelly of Kevin’s plane, a Pringles can with wings, packed full of defenseless Pringles.”

I joked with my friend that, since the character was flying into the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport and not the Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, he had nothing to worry about. I then proceeded to explain that there have been two very similar near-miss aviation events, almost exactly one year apart, where the unidentified flying object was described as like a missile or rocket, reported by commercial pilots and corroborated by witnesses on the ground. I suddenly realized we were now within the same time-frame as those two past events.

“It was the same situation, almost identical,” DeFoor said. “The FBI are pulling their records on that one. It was roughly in the same area almost a year ago.”

Both events involved “Continental Airlines,” though the second incident was actually with an ExpressJet plane that “flies regional routes for Continental Airlines as Continental Express.”

In the case of the 2008 event:

Continental Flight 1544 was flying at 5,000 feet about 11 miles east of Bush Intercontinental Airport after takeoff Monday morning when the pilot called the tower to report an object headed toward the plane. The pilot described seeing a fast moving object with a thick smoke trail nearing his airspace.

The 2009 incident also occurred shortly after take-off from Bush Intercontinental Airport, over the southern edge of Liberty County but with the plane at 13,000 feet on its way to Greenville, South Carolina. The 2008 event involved a commercial flight headed to Cleveland, Ohio.

While the first incident was at a relatively low altitude, compared to the second event a year later, the second closer-call was witnessed by two Hardin High School students who were interviewed by the local Sheriff’s department.

Besides local law-enforcement, the incidents have been investigated by the FAA, FBI and the Houston Area Joint Terrorism Task Force. Investigations have centered on the assumption that the rocket was launched by a model rocket hobbyist / enthusiast.

Model rockets can reach as high as 40,000 feet, although enthusiasts are supposed to notify the FAA if a rocket is entering controlled airspace, said Robert Morehead of the Amateur Spaceflight Association in Houston.

Investigators combed huge swaths of land (a 24 x 12 mile area in the case of the 2009 incident) where the mystery objects were presumed to have originated, however, nothing has ever been found. It can be difficult to locate such a potentially small object when there is so much ground to cover. In the case of the errant 6 and a half foot model AIM-120 AMRAAM pictured spiraling over the moon several paragraphs above, the rocket was out of control and quickly flew out of sight and “was not to be found until exactly one year later about a mile away from the launch site.”

So what does this all mean? Are there reckless hobbyist rocketeers in Liberty County trying to test their aim with high-flying civilian aircraft? Are there terrorists lurking in the Texas scrub-brush, salivating at the chance to take down an American airliner? With the approach of the same time-frame as the first two events, I have to wonder… will there be another near miss this year? Or have the perpetrators perfected their aim?

Coincidentally, in 2008 the Department of Homeland Security changed its mind and decided that shoulder fired missiles represented a threat so significant that they began outfitting jets “with anti-missile systems as part of a new government test aimed at thwarting terrorists armed with shoulder-fired projectiles.”

If you have any information that could help resolve these mysterious near-miss events, please contact the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office at (936) 336-4500.

Boeing 737 Aircraft similar to the plane in the 2008 incident


Continental Airlines Pilot Reports UFO – FBI Investigates

Flight 1544 – May 26th (Monday), Boeing 737 Event in 2008 at @ 10:20 am CST

Embraer 145 Aircraft similar to the plane in the 2009 incident


Pilots leaving Houston near miss with rocket / UFO – ABCnews

Flight 2822 – May 29th (Friday), Embraer 145 Event in 2009 at @ 8:20 pm CST

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A Few Choice Reactions

Flashback… It was on November 26, 2005 when the pilot of American Airlines Flight 612 reported a “near-hit” from what was described as a rocket passing nearby as the aircraft was traveling over the Santa Monica Bay at approximately 5,000 feet. Although the incident received scant media attention the Northeast Intelligence Network provided an extensive investigative report on the incident, complete with audio from the pilot and control tower, at this link.

  • UFO Researcher Bruce Maccabee:

Pilot reports of “rockets” go back to the 40’s. One of the first is in a report made to the FBI by a pilot flying over West Virginia. Another in the 90’s was by a pilot flying northward in Maryland not far from Camp David (north of Frederick). I have not tried to collect these reports but I know they are “out there.”

UFO UpDate: Re: What Pilot Saw Over Liberty

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5 Responses to "Will There Be Another Near Miss With a UFO/Missile Over Houston?"

  1. SMiles Lewis says:

    Interestingly enough … while I was writing the above article I saw this UFO news headline:

    TX, May 4, 2010 – Sphere intercepts Southwest Jet over Downtown Houston. MUFON Case # 23244.

    Had just picked up my wife from work at Produce Row.It was her,our son and I cutting thru Downtown Houston to hit the H.O.V. lane to I-45 North when I noticed a sphere cutting across the sky.

    At that time,I told my wife and son to look at it and when they spotted it a Southwest Jet came in view.

    The sphere picked up speed and was on a collision course with the jet.

    As we drove by the Spaghetti Warehouse to take a right,our view was blocked. When we made our turn and got a look at the area where the jet and sphere were, the jet was gone!

    I don’t know what happened to the jet,but in that span of about 3 seconds it was gone. But the sphere was just sitting there spinning. After we got on the H.O.V. lane we went under I-10 and as we come to the other side of I-10 it was gone.Just wondering if anyone else had seen it.


    Sphere ‘intercepts’ Southwest jet over downtown Houston.

  2. SMiles Lewis says:

    From this article:

    Continental planes’ rocket scares have rumor mill flying – Rocketry Planet – Houston Chronicle

    Assisted by two helicopter pilots with the Houston Police Department, DeFoor and other investigators crisscrossed the area this week — from west Chambers County to the San Jacinto River in east Harris County — looking for any sign of the latest rocket. These rockets, which can cost $10,000, usually are equipped with recovery systems or parachutes so they can be reclaimed.

    “We had one woman that was looking out her garage in Highlands in east Harris County about the time of the last launch,” DeFoor said. “She said she saw an object wobbling in the sky. It fell to the ground about three miles farther east.”

    If the rocket had a parachute, it would have been swinging like that, he said.

    But the heavily wooded land was full of tributaries and ponds that made finding such a device difficult.

    Barber said the launch would have been hard to miss. “You would have heard a thunderous roar within a one-mile radius of where it took off,” he said. “It would also have had a 10-foot-long flame.”


  3. admin says:

    Well, there has been an aviation related incident near Bush Intercontinental Airport … thankfully it did not involve a missile (well one could go all 911 and talk of the plane as a missile) and more importantly, there were only minor injuries to the pilot.

    Plane crashes into small Humble home
    Houston Chronicle – Cindy Horswell – ?14 hours ago?
    On Thursday, he had to check the roof over his own head after a small plane plowed into a small house in Humble he uses as an office. …

    Small plane crashes into house in Humble
    KVUE – Rodney Saye – ?2 hours ago?
    No one on the ground was injured. It’s not clear if anyone was inside the house when the plane hit. Investigators are investigating the cause of the crash.

    Small plane crashes into roof of roofer’s house in Humble
    KHOU – Rodney Saye – ?16 hours ago?
    “I was fixin’ to send a fax, and we hear a crash, and I was thinking maybe it was a vehicle hitting the front of the house or something cause the whole …

    Pilot Walks Away from Small Plane Crash – Jason Volentine – ?9 hours ago?
    HUMBLE – A pilot crashed his plane into a home and walked away from the destruction, Thursday. The crash happened in humble, well short of making it to Bush …

    Small plane crashes near Bush IAH – ?20 hours ago?
    The single-engine Cessna 180 crashed around 2pm in Humble near Old Humble Road. The plane crashed with such force that residents say they felt the ground …

    Small plane clips roof, crashes into yard
    Houston Chronicle – ?19 hours ago?
    © 2010 AP HUMBLE, Texas — A pilot’s broken nose was the only injury reported after his small plane clipped some trees and the roof of a house near Houston’s …

    Small Plane Crashes Near Bush Airport
    MyFox Houston – ?22 hours ago?
    It happened just before 2 pm in a Humble neighborhood just east of the big airport. The pilot of the plane had taken off from an Odessa airport in the …

    Plane crashes in Humble
    Pasadena Citizen – Stefanie Thomas – ?19 hours ago?
    HUMBLE – A small Cessna airplane crashed into an Humble neighborhood off North Houston Avenue shortly before 2 pm June 3. …

    Plane from Odessa Crashes in Houston Neighborhood – ?14 hours ago?
    NEAR HOUSTON – A pilot who took off from Odessa on Thursday morning ended up making a crash landing in a Houston neighborhood. Investigators say he ran out …

    My father was interviewed by a local tv station about this incident – he saw the plane flying low before the crash.

  4. SMiles Lewis says:

    Well, somehow I missed this news report from Roger Marsh UFO EXAMINER who reported on Texas UFO radio host Captain Jack’s encounter and photograph of what might be a similar UFO / “missile” like those reported by other Texas pilots…

    Badlands Radio host captures Texas ‘missile’ UFO on camera

    “A Texas radio show host may have photographed the same “missile” looking UFO that two commercial pilots have reported over Texas skies during the past year.

    “Captain” Jack Harris, host of the popular Badlands Radio show, photographed an object on November 25, 2008, in the skies over Lake Brownwood.

    Those photos were discussed on the radio show Friday, May 29, when I was a guest – unaware that another report of what may have been the same object had occurred earlier in the day.”

    Read the entire report here:

  5. SMiles Lewis says:

    Recently re-came across this article by Kentaro Mori:

    Yet another unexplained mid-air collision?

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