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Bigfoot Every Day

Billboard heading North on South First. Will I see her again? Every day for the past six months I’ve seen her on my way to work. Her round hairy bosom and bounding wide stride juxtaposed next to the motionless sleek backside of a Cylon “Number Six” clone. In this odd billboard I’ve seen at 3 locations around Austin the advertisement’s designers have turned Patty into a “Patsy for Hair Removal,” hawking “the latest in medical and cosmetic services as well as relaxing spa treatments.” Of course, as much as the barebacked blond temptress reminds me of BSG actress Tricia Helfer the very name of the Serenity Creek Spa conjures sultry imagery of the same named sci-fi flick’s mysterious  “River Tam” played by actress Summer Glau. But today on the way to work, my drive-time … Read entire article »

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Southern Fried Bigfoot premieres tonight

While the word Bigfoot usually conjures images of the deep forests and mountains of the Pacific Northwest, there is also a rich tradition of southern hominid sightings. Often known by various local names, the southern Bigfoot doesn’t get as much attention (or respect) as his northwestern cousins, but his impact on the local people and their lore has been just as profound. Southern Fried Bigfoot, premiering tonight on the Documentary Channel, takes a look at some of the more notable southern sighting reports, including the Fouke Monster of Fouke, Arkansas; Louisiana’s Honey Island Swamp Monster; the Lake Worth Monster of Lake Worth, Texas; and Florida’s Myakka Ape or Skunk Ape. Southern Fried Bigfoot also talks with the various authors and field researchers involved in the study of southern Bigfoot phenomenon … Read entire article »

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The Great Ape Behavioral Parallel, part 3

(For Parts 1 and 2 please visit the TBRC website at by Michael C. Mayes and Jeremy D. Wells A widely publicized study, authored by Mathias Osvath, a Ph.D. candidate at Lund University, seems to indicate some startling information about the intellectual capacities of the chimpanzee. In particular, Osvath studied the territorial displays of a captive chimpanzee named Santino. The observed behaviors of this particular chimpanzee seem to prove that apes are very much aware of the future and can plan ahead for it just as humans do. According to a report on Osvath’s work in the journal Current Biology, Santino, a chimpanzee residing at Sweden’s Furuvik Zoo, collected a stash of rocks during periods of calm, stashed them away, and then hurled them at unsuspecting zoo visitors who gawked and laughed … Read entire article »

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The Patterson-Gimlin Film: An Analysis

[youtube][/youtube] The Patterson-Gimlin Film: An Analysis By Noah David Henson A note from the author: My name is Noah David Henson. I’ve been studying human muscular and skeletal anatomy since 1984, both as a professional illustrator and as a student of physical anthropology. I studied collegiate anthropology, including primatology and human evolution, from 1988 – 1993, with enough hours to establish a minor in the subject attendant to my BFA from Texas State University. I’ve been examining the bigfoot phenomenon, skeptically and with an emphasis on the aforementioned skills, in earnest since 2003. My intellectual interest in the subject goes back to my childhood in the 1970s and 80s. This paper constitutes a skeptical analysis of a digitized, B&W video version of the 1967 Patterson-Gimlin film available on youtube, here (and embedded above). It’s … Read entire article »

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Kathy Strain added to TBRC conference

The Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy has added archaeologist Kathy Moskowitz Strain to the list of speakers for their upcoming conference, October 18, in Jefferson Texas. Strain will be discussing her new book Giants, Cannibals & Monsters: Bigfoot in Native Culture. We here at Anomaly have received a review copy of Giants, Cannibals & Monsters, and while we haven’t had the time to give it the proper, in-depth review it deserves, our initial impressions are positive. The book is gorgeously illustrated, and worth the price of purchase for the photographs alone. Nearly every page features amazing archival photography of the native peoples whose legends are discussed; including turn of the century candid shots of them going about their daily lives, participating in ceremonies and dances, and pausing to pose for gorgeous portraits. The stories selected also seem to run … Read entire article »

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Help Save The International Cryptozoology Museum

Help The International Cryptozoology Museum Back on July 4th I launched my own efforts to try and drum up support for Loren Coleman’s more than worthy International Cryptozoology Museum by focusing on the symbolic event of Independence Day. I created a ChipIn fundraising widget for a Summer Fundraiser and donated $50. Since that time Loren has worked tirelessly to continue educating the public and researching these important and exciting scientific discoveries. He worked very hard at exposing the most recent large scale media hoax featuring the Georgia boys and other known hoaxers and the increased traffic (and deliberate hacking attacks) took down his main avenues for reaching the public at large. Despite all the publicity, Loren reports that donations are barely trickling in. In the midst of growing national and international monetary crises … Read entire article »

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Speakers announced for Texas Bigfoot Conference 2008

The Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy (TBRC) has released a list of scheduled speakers for their upcoming 2008 Texas Bigfoot Conference in Jefferson, TX. This list includes famed hunter and conservationist Peter Byrne, who participated in a number of Himalayan expeditions funded by Texas millionaire Tom Slick to locate the Yeti before developing an interest in the North American Sasquatch; retired zoologist Dr. W. Henner Fahrenbach, custodian of what is arguably the world’s largest collection of suspected Sasquatch hair; author and filmmaker Dana Holyfield, whose documentary film The Legend of the Honey Island Swamp Monster examines hairy biped reports from the swamps and bayous of Louisiana; co-founder of the North American Bigfoot Search (NABS) and author of The Hoopa Project, David Paulides; and TBRC stalwarts, wildlife biologist Professor Alton Higgins and former … Read entire article »

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More serious Bigfoot research

Forget all the tabloid garbage about Sasquatch massacres and psychic Bigfoots raiding garlic patches. Loren Coleman, always on the forefront of breaking news in cryptozoology, has posted an item over at Cryptomundo about a mainstream news story on yet another serious researcher hanging their hat on the sorts of camera trapping techniques being employed by field biologists studying rare and elusive animals around the globe. Only this time the researcher, William Dranginis, also happens to be a surveillance expert for an Annapolis based government contractor who has designed his own remote camera system, the Eye Gotcha system! You can read more about Dranginis at Cryptomundo or at the Washington City Paper site that featured him in a cover story. The Washington City Paper story also features a video of Dranginis (also linked … Read entire article »

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Bigfoot Podcast gives insight into OFV

While there are many, many groups and individuals involved in various aspects of Bigfoot research, The Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy is one of the few organizations involved in regular, ongoing field studies that employ field tested and proven methods used by biologists to document rare and endangered species around the world. The TBRC, for instance, engages in camera trapping activities that are very similar to those used to capture these images of the elusive snow leopard. The most recent news item posted over at the TBRC site concerns a recent podcast from Brian Brown’s Bigfoot Information Project detailing some of the work involved in the TBRC’s Operation Forest Vigil (OFV) project. The podcast (or BIPcast) features interviews with TBRC field investigators Daryl Colyer, Chris Buntenbah, and Dr. Ken Helmer and is … Read entire article »

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Support the International Cryptozoology Museum

Loren Coleman‘s efforts to sustain The International Cryptozoology Museum should be a funding priority for not only Cryptozoologists, but ALL Anomalists and Forteans worldwide. I’m launching this Chipin-based Summer Fundraiser with this Chipin Widget (that you can install or post on your own blog or website) not because Loren Coleman is a good friend but because the museum is a valuable resource for Cryptozoology. I’ve donated $50 to the International Cryptozoology Museum‘s SUMMER FUNDRAISER to kickoff this funding campaign which lasts until the end of Summer on September 22nd, 2008. Please join me in helping sponsor this most valuable of causes. – SMiles Lewis “It is with deep appreciation for all the past contributions that I come to the readers of Cryptomundo today, asking for your important help. Your vital assistance is needed. Whether you … Read entire article »

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Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie

Southern Ohio may seem a world-away from the Pacific Northwest habitat one typically pictures when they hear the word Bigfoot, but the region does have a rich history of hairy biped reports. The rugged Appalachian foothills of southeastern Ohio, in particular, have a number of reports from the Shawnee State Forest in Scioto and Adams Counties, and the Wayne National Forest further east. In his book “Field Guide to Bigfoot and Other Mystery Primates” Loren Coleman recounts the story of a devil monkey seen in the Duncansville area of Adams County. (Duncansville, which is mostly Amish owned hilltop pasture land and forest, is a short drive from the famous Serpent Mound and was a destination for curiosity seekers in the mid to late 1980s because of an image of … Read entire article »

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TBRC launches new website

Once upon a time there were a couple of guys in Texas with an interest in Bigfoot reports from their state who started an organization called the Texas Bigfoot Research Center. Over time the organization grew. They began investigating reports. They began organizing field expeditions and conducting long-term camera trap surveys. Their dedication to detail gained the discrete support of many scientists and academics, and the open support of notable researchers and authors such as Dr. Jeff Meldrum and Loren Coleman. Eventually the group gained non-profit status and changed their name to the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy. And now they have a new web address. After a long period of stasis, the new TBRC site is up and active at The old address,, is still active and will redirect … Read entire article »

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Weekend Event For Our Dallas Area Readers

This Saturday, February 16 at 2 PM, Nick Redfern will be speaking at the downtown Dallas Public Library. The talk is entitled: Weird Mysteries of Texas: UFO’s, Bigfoot, Ghosts and more. J. Erik Jonsson Central Library (2-3 PM) 1515 Young Street The Studio, Humanities Division, 3rd Floor, Dallas, TX75201 … Read entire article »

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