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The Great Ape Behavioral Parallel, part 3

(For Parts 1 and 2 please visit the TBRC website at by Michael C. Mayes and Jeremy D. Wells A widely publicized study, authored by Mathias Osvath, a Ph.D. candidate at Lund University, seems to indicate some startling information about the intellectual capacities of the chimpanzee. In particular, Osvath studied the territorial displays of a captive chimpanzee named Santino. The observed behaviors of this particular chimpanzee seem to prove that apes are very much aware of the future and can plan ahead for it just as humans do. According to a report on Osvath’s work in the journal Current Biology, Santino, a chimpanzee residing at Sweden’s Furuvik Zoo, collected a stash of rocks during periods of calm, stashed them away, and then hurled them at unsuspecting zoo visitors who gawked and laughed … Read entire article »

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Speakers announced for Texas Bigfoot Conference 2008

The Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy (TBRC) has released a list of scheduled speakers for their upcoming 2008 Texas Bigfoot Conference in Jefferson, TX. This list includes famed hunter and conservationist Peter Byrne, who participated in a number of Himalayan expeditions funded by Texas millionaire Tom Slick to locate the Yeti before developing an interest in the North American Sasquatch; retired zoologist Dr. W. Henner Fahrenbach, custodian of what is arguably the world’s largest collection of suspected Sasquatch hair; author and filmmaker Dana Holyfield, whose documentary film The Legend of the Honey Island Swamp Monster examines hairy biped reports from the swamps and bayous of Louisiana; co-founder of the North American Bigfoot Search (NABS) and author of The Hoopa Project, David Paulides; and TBRC stalwarts, wildlife biologist Professor Alton Higgins and former … Read entire article »

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More serious Bigfoot research

Forget all the tabloid garbage about Sasquatch massacres and psychic Bigfoots raiding garlic patches. Loren Coleman, always on the forefront of breaking news in cryptozoology, has posted an item over at Cryptomundo about a mainstream news story on yet another serious researcher hanging their hat on the sorts of camera trapping techniques being employed by field biologists studying rare and elusive animals around the globe. Only this time the researcher, William Dranginis, also happens to be a surveillance expert for an Annapolis based government contractor who has designed his own remote camera system, the Eye Gotcha system! You can read more about Dranginis at Cryptomundo or at the Washington City Paper site that featured him in a cover story. The Washington City Paper story also features a video of Dranginis (also linked … Read entire article »

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Bigfoot Podcast gives insight into OFV

While there are many, many groups and individuals involved in various aspects of Bigfoot research, The Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy is one of the few organizations involved in regular, ongoing field studies that employ field tested and proven methods used by biologists to document rare and endangered species around the world. The TBRC, for instance, engages in camera trapping activities that are very similar to those used to capture these images of the elusive snow leopard. The most recent news item posted over at the TBRC site concerns a recent podcast from Brian Brown’s Bigfoot Information Project detailing some of the work involved in the TBRC’s Operation Forest Vigil (OFV) project. The podcast (or BIPcast) features interviews with TBRC field investigators Daryl Colyer, Chris Buntenbah, and Dr. Ken Helmer and is … Read entire article »

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