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New Nick Redfern book: Space Girl Dead On Spaghetti Junction

New Nick Redfern book: Space Girl Dead On Spaghetti Junction

“Space Girl Dead On Spaghetti Junction”!?!? Nick is a lean mean writing machine! Coming very soon from CFZ Press is an anthology of my writings covering 1982 to the present, and focusing on such topics as UFOs, unknown animals, cover-ups, the world of Hollywood, and much more. Mine will be the second in a series inspired by Patrick Huyghe’s Swamp Gas Times book, and is titled Space Girl Dead on Spaghetti Junction. You may very well ask: … Read entire article »

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Anomaly Archives Presents Fortean Cryptozoologist Jonathan Downes

The Anomaly Archives Presents: Fortean Cryptozoologist Jonathan Downes Saturday, March 20th 1:30-3:30pm CST 12593 Research Blvd., Suite 302, Austin, Texas 78759 “Cryptozoology’s answer to Hunter Thompson” – Nick Redfern [Jon Downes at Loch Ness in 2005] The Anomaly Archives welcomes British Fortean researcher Jon Downes to Austin, Texas for a lecture on all things anomalous, Fortean, cryptozoological and UFOlogical. Please join us at the Anomaly Archives lending library (located at 12593 Research Blvd., Suite 302) from 1 to 5pm, Saturday, March 20th for an enlightening lecture from one of the world’s leading cryptozoological field investigators. This lecture event is FREE, however, a $5 donation is respectfully requested for those wishing to help support the Anomaly Archives in its non-profit community education, outreach and research efforts. Jonathan Downes is the … Read entire article »

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Anomaly Archives Meetup this Saturday

Join us at the First Anomaly Archives Meetup of 2010 this Saturday at the Austin History Center from 3-4pm.(See end of email for venue details) Sponsoring this meetup and venue is the local Austin Mufon chapter headed by Anomaly Archives board member Mike DeGroff. The monthly Austin Mufon meeting is 1-4pm the first Saturday of most months. As this is our first official “MeetUp” we’ll be answering questions about the organization, its mission, projects and goals, etc. We may watch a video or two, talk about books we’re reading, and generally talking about a wide variety of anomalous subjects. We’ll also be giving away a couple of books to some lucky attendees. Kind of like a door prize. Details at the meeting. Also, after the meeting, if there’s enough interest, perhaps we can retire … Read entire article »

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Hawaiin Woman Claims To Find 5 Dollar Bill Inside Coconut

Just plain weird and Fortean … a great pick-me-up story in a world gone mad. Woman Claims To Find $5 Bill Inside Coconut PEARL CITY, Hawaii — It is a mystery to a family in Pearl City, Hawaii, and they swear it really happened. A woman said she found a $5 bill inside a coconut. Kuulei Mata said she brought home fresh coconuts from a local market and cracked some of them open. She was disappointed to find that one, and then another, had water but no meat. The coconuts were so bad she was going to return them and ask for her money back. Then she cracked open another one and reached inside. “I went in with my fingers and out came this money. I didn’t realize it was $5,” Kuulei Mata said. “I called … Read entire article »

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FortFest ’09 in Baltimore MD

THE INTERNATIONAL FORTEAN ORGANIZATION (INFO) presents *FortFest ‘09: the Wedding of Art, Science and Philosophy! American Visionary Art Museum (AVAM), Baltimore, MD 50th Conference on Anomalous Phenomena, March 7th-8thSATURDAY, March 7 at AVAM, 9:30 A.M.-6:00 P.M. MC Larry Arnold: … Read entire article »

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League Of Western Fortean Intermediatists (L.O.W.F.I.), exploring Southwestern mysteries

It is with great pleasure that I pass along this Press Release regarding L.O.W.F.I. (League Of Western Fortean Intermediatists) – to which I’ve just been appointed to the post of “Texas Bureau Chief”! LOWFI is the dream of Fortean Journalist Skylaire Alfvegren whose recent articles of which you should be aware: Live in LA: Iron Maiden invokes Coleridge, Crowley, Eddie in Irvine Recruited by the LAPD? Hollywood, UFOs and the Occult: The Impending Something Find out more about LOWFI at Skylaire’s website ( and the future domain name ! L.O.W.F.I. is a research-based, journal-publishing band of urbane explorers with interests in: all shades of the paranormal, UFOs and unexplained aerial phenomena, cryptozoology and unknown animals, synchronicity and coincidence, religious cults, mass hysteria, giants and the ‘little people,’ inter/extra-dimensional visitors, oddball philosophies, evidence of pre-Columbian visitations to … Read entire article »

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UK releases UFO files

The British government has released their “first batch” of UFO files at, as part of a four year program to make the files available to the public. Also available at the national archives UFO site are videocasts and podcasts from Nick Pope and Dr. David Clarke, respectively, as well as older, already released UFO files, in PDF format (available for download at “a small fee”, according to the site, although all but those available under the UFO Files from the 1970s link are listed at £0.00, and the various PDFs available under UFO Files from the 1970s are either free or £3.50 per document). … Read entire article »

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UFOs & The Black Lodge: Blue Rose Report Part 2.1 – CryptoUFOlogy

by SMiles Lewis “My Dream is a Code Waiting to Be Broken. Break the Code, Solve the Crime.” – FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper In the small idyllic border town of Twin Peaks, Washington, tucked away in the forested mountains, a murder mystery unfolds involving the killing of the local high school prom queen, Laura Palmer. When a second high schooler, and potential victim of the same killer, crosses the State’s border, the FBI sends Special Agent Dale Cooper to investigate what we later find out, in the prequel, is one of FBI Bureau Chief Gordon Cole’s (played by David Lynch) “Blue Rose Cases.” And so begins the strange tale of mysterious communications and fantastic encounters that engulfs the town of Twin Peaks and the lives of all its quirky inhabitants, including … Read entire article »

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Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie

Southern Ohio may seem a world-away from the Pacific Northwest habitat one typically pictures when they hear the word Bigfoot, but the region does have a rich history of hairy biped reports. The rugged Appalachian foothills of southeastern Ohio, in particular, have a number of reports from the Shawnee State Forest in Scioto and Adams Counties, and the Wayne National Forest further east. In his book “Field Guide to Bigfoot and Other Mystery Primates” Loren Coleman recounts the story of a devil monkey seen in the Duncansville area of Adams County. (Duncansville, which is mostly Amish owned hilltop pasture land and forest, is a short drive from the famous Serpent Mound and was a destination for curiosity seekers in the mid to late 1980s because of an image of … Read entire article »

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Lecture on Bizarre Texas History in Denton, Texas

Nick Redfern alerted us to an event that our North Texas readers might be interested in attending. And if you can’t attend the lecture, you may want to find a copy of Chad Lewis’ book … which also features a foreward by Mr. Redfern. Hidden Headlines of Texas: Strange, Unusual and Bizarre Newspaper Stories, 1860 – 1910 by Chad Lewis Bizarre Texas History Denton TX – UFOs sightings in the Texas sky are not a new phenomenon; in fact, a mysterious airship was reported in Denton in April 1897. Chad Lewis, author and paranormal investigator, will explore this sighting and other bizarre stories reported in turn-of-the-century Texas Newspapers. Join us at the Emily Fowler Central Library at 502 Oakland Street, March 15, 2008 at 3:00 for this fascinating presentation cosponsored by the Denton Area … Read entire article »

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TBRC launches new website

Once upon a time there were a couple of guys in Texas with an interest in Bigfoot reports from their state who started an organization called the Texas Bigfoot Research Center. Over time the organization grew. They began investigating reports. They began organizing field expeditions and conducting long-term camera trap surveys. Their dedication to detail gained the discrete support of many scientists and academics, and the open support of notable researchers and authors such as Dr. Jeff Meldrum and Loren Coleman. Eventually the group gained non-profit status and changed their name to the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy. And now they have a new web address. After a long period of stasis, the new TBRC site is up and active at The old address,, is still active and will redirect … Read entire article »

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FortFest 2008 – Beyond Belief

THE INTERNATIONAL FORTEAN ORGANIZATION (INFO) presents FortFest ’08 “Beyond Belief”! 47th Conference on Anomalous Phenomena, March 29-30 *American Visionary Art Museum (AVAM), Baltimore, MD SATURDAY, March 29, at AVAM, 9:30 A.M.-6:30 P.M. Budd Hopkins with a startling all-new talk on ”The UFO Abduction Phenomenon and the new Paradigm”. Budd is an award-winning (Guggenheim fellowship) painter with pieces in major museums including the Guggenheim and the Whitney and the author of Missing Time, Intruders and Sight Unseen: Science, UFO Invisibility & Transgenic Beings. Linda Godfrey, a teacher and journalist, author of Weird Wisconsin, on her compelling books An American Werewolf and The Beast of Bray Road, chilling true life stories from the dark corner of cryptozoology! Orion Foxwood, Elder in Romano-Celtic Traditional Craft, primary founder of the Alliance of the Old Religion, is an Elder teacher … Read entire article »

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Retro UFO 3 – Spacecraft Conference

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Email: Contact: Barbara or Rob Harris Phone: 760-365-3266 or 760-365-5646 THIS IS NOT YOUR TYPICAL UFO CONVENTION! SATURDAY, APRIL 26 and SUNDAY, APRIL 27, 2008 The UFO phenomena once experienced by thousands at Giant Rock, in Landers, CA in the middle of the last century returns for its third year RETRO UFO (3) Event Held At The Integratron in Landers, California. Whether you believe in UFO’s or not, RETRO UFO (3) will take you beyond the typical UFO lecture hall of a hotel conference room and into a new, and nostalgic way of viewing the UFO phenomenon that has intrigued thousands for a millennia. The event is presented in tents and canopies on the grounds of the World Famous Integratron. Speakers will lecture, share their stories and experiences about Giant Rock, The Integratron, … Read entire article »

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Cryptomundo Warns Us To Beware Of Falling Moose

Duck! Look out! Look up! How many falling Moose does it take to rate as anomalous? Apparently Moose continue to plummet off cliffs along the Seward Highway around the Mile 113 marker. Cryptozoologists Loren Coleman and Richard Hendricks keep us alert along this dangerous stretch of Alaskan road. (With map and picture) Read all about it at … » Beware Of Falling Moose … Read entire article »

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Weekend Event For Our Dallas Area Readers

This Saturday, February 16 at 2 PM, Nick Redfern will be speaking at the downtown Dallas Public Library. The talk is entitled: Weird Mysteries of Texas: UFO’s, Bigfoot, Ghosts and more. J. Erik Jonsson Central Library (2-3 PM) 1515 Young Street The Studio, Humanities Division, 3rd Floor, Dallas, TX75201 … Read entire article »

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Scientific Dogma

In the medieval era most parishioners did not speak Latin. Mass, however, was delivered in Latin (sometimes, undoubtedly, by illiterate priests who were simply reciting by rote). In the highly organized structure of the Catholic Church the fact that the laity could not understand Latin did not matter. It was not their lot to truly understand, but to accept on faith. There were priests to act as intermediaries in absolving their sins. There were Bishops and Cardinals whose jobs were to pour over esoteric texts and pages filled with strange symbols and letters, to unravel and understand the workings of God’s Universe and to dole out that knowledge in spoonfuls and dollops as they saw fit. Jump forward thirteen centuries and although the players have changed, the game has stayed pretty … Read entire article »

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Greg Bishop on the Anniversary of the Silver Bridge Collapse

My good friend Greg Bishop has reminded us that Saturday was the 40th anniversary of the tragic bridge collapse in Point Pleasant which was the climax to a flap of strange phenomena reported on by fortean ufologists John Keel and Gray Barker. Which also means its the anniversary of the birth of Mothman. Silver Bridge Disaster 40 Years On by Greg Bishop at Greg also links to some Point Pleasant related music. – SMiles … Read entire article »

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UFOs & The Black Lodge – A Blue Rose Report Primer

“We shall pick up an existence by its frogs. Wise men have tried other ways. They have tried to understand our state of being, by grasping at its stars, or its arts, or its economics. But, if there is an underlying oneness of all things, it does not matter where we begin, whether with stars, or laws of supply and demand, or frogs, or Napoleon Bonaparte. One measures a circle, beginning anywhere.” ~Charles Fort, Lo! UFOlogists don’t like to talk about bigfoot. Cryptozoologists looking for sasquatch don’t like talking about ghosts. Ghost hunters won’t talk about UFOs. And conspiracy researchers are constantly lamenting, and rightfully so, being linked to all of the above by the media as a discrediting tactic. It’s a fair criticism (for those not wishing to taint there … Read entire article »

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A year for Fortean anniversaries

The year 2007 has been a banner anniversary year for Forteans in general and ufologist in particular. Those with even a passing interest in unexplained phenomenon know that 2007 marks the 60th anniversary of the June 24, 1947 Kenneth Arnold sighting that ushered in the modern era of UFO sightings and gave popular birth to the term flying saucer, as well as the 60th anniversary of the purported late June or early July crash in Roswell, New Mexico (reports of the exact crash date vary and the story would remain buried until Stanton Friedman, a physicist with experience working on various government air and spacecraft projects, began investigating the Roswell rumors in 1978). … Read entire article »

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