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UFOs & The Black Lodge: Blue Rose Report Part 2.1 – CryptoUFOlogy

by SMiles Lewis “My Dream is a Code Waiting to Be Broken. Break the Code, Solve the Crime.” – FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper In the small idyllic border town of Twin Peaks, Washington, tucked away in the forested mountains, a murder mystery unfolds involving the killing of the local high school prom queen, Laura Palmer. When a second high schooler, and potential victim of the same killer, crosses the State’s border, the FBI sends Special Agent Dale Cooper to investigate what we later find out, in the prequel, is one of FBI Bureau Chief Gordon Cole’s (played by David Lynch) “Blue Rose Cases.” And so begins the strange tale of mysterious communications and fantastic encounters that engulfs the town of Twin Peaks and the lives of all its quirky inhabitants, including … Read entire article »

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Why Darth Vader Is Not Luke Skywalker’s Father

PUNCHING YOUR HAND THROUGH A WALL FROM A CERTAIN POINT-OF-VIEW or Why Darth Vader Is Not Luke Skywalker’s Father by Stephen Romano Working as a screenwriter in the business of motion picture production, I have had the opportunity to study a strange and disparate species known as The Film Director. More specifically, I have encountered, worked with and endured the myriad insecurities, eccentricities and outright childish regressions of the Film WRITER-Director in his natural element. I have studied the beast close-up. I know where he nests and breathes. And I know how fearsomely he (or, in those rare cases, SHE) protects his (or her) babies from the cold, cruel world out there. I have seen these people rage out of control. I have seen them shield themselves behind walls of arrogance and … Read entire article »

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Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie

Southern Ohio may seem a world-away from the Pacific Northwest habitat one typically pictures when they hear the word Bigfoot, but the region does have a rich history of hairy biped reports. The rugged Appalachian foothills of southeastern Ohio, in particular, have a number of reports from the Shawnee State Forest in Scioto and Adams Counties, and the Wayne National Forest further east. In his book “Field Guide to Bigfoot and Other Mystery Primates” Loren Coleman recounts the story of a devil monkey seen in the Duncansville area of Adams County. (Duncansville, which is mostly Amish owned hilltop pasture land and forest, is a short drive from the famous Serpent Mound and was a destination for curiosity seekers in the mid to late 1980s because of an image of … Read entire article »

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2017 is coming up soon!

[youtube=] … Read entire article »

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Roswell 1947 crate in new Indiana Jones trailer

Click Link For Movie Trailer: … From a Friend … At about 1:25, you can see the Cate Blanchett character testing some kind of magnetic power inherent in this metal crate, which is stamped “Roswell New Mexico, 1947”! The trailer itself is also super cool. Jones is back! Enjoy! I agree with my friend, it looks exciting! I saw a sneak peek of the original Indiana Jones film, Raiders of the Lost Ark, as a child at the Fox Theater on Airport Blvd. in Austin, Texas (where now there is only a used car lot). We came out of the theater under a low roiling cloud cover that mimicked what we’d just seen in the climax of the film. It was spooky. I still have my original Raiders gimme-poster from that premier … Read entire article »

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