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Austin Live Theatre: Surfin’ UFO, Electronic Planet Ensemble at the Vortex

Surfin’ UFO Electronic Planet Ensemble presents Surfin’ UFO, a multi-dimensional, multi-media, inter-galactic love story. Feel the power of nature riding inside the curl of a monster wave. Fall in love with a space girl. The Anunnaki are knocking at your door, and one of them looks just like Bridgitte Bardot. Planet X, 2012, crop circles, Roswell, ancient … Read entire article »

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Citizine’s Music Showcase Saturday August 2nd

Join us for the first-ever CITIZINE MUSIC SHOWCASE! SATURDAY, AUGUST 2 SPIDERHOUSE – Outdoor Stage 2908 Fruth St. // Austin TX 78705 Map to venue DOORS OPEN AT 8 PM Featuring The Black Irish and special guests The McMercy Family Band PLUS! DJ Skooley spinning psychedelic, soul, and experimental music till 2 am! Enter CITIZINE … Read entire article »

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Mission Creep: RIAA / NDAA Training for Privacy Invasion

Recall that back in late 2001 the RIAA wanted Congress to pass laws allowing them to hack into your computer (aka “Break the Law”) so that they could snoop around your hard drive for pirated materials (and who knows what else they might find and turn you in for). Well now a training video has surfaced that supports the RIAA’s privacy invasion campaigns because … they can lead to discovery of evidence of other non-piracy related crimes. [youtube]O2DwTWJNk-k[/youtube] Hat tip to & Leaked RIAA Training Video: Find Pirates and Also Find… Crack Dealers and Terrorists? There’s a leaked RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) training video produced with the NDAA (National District Attorneys Association) floating around the web that argues U.S. prosecutors should pursue piracy cases because it leads to … Read entire article »

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Diamond Dave in all his glory

I was recently tipped to an MP3 of David Lee Roth’s isolated vocal track for “Running with the Devil” You can find it here. Enjoy! … Read entire article »

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