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Quantum Mechanics Wrong This Whole Time?

This idea that nature is inherently probabilistic — that particles have no hard properties, only likelihoods, until they are observed — is directly implied by the standard equations of quantum mechanics. But now a set of surprising experiments with fluids has revived old skepticism about that worldview. The bizarre results are fueling interest in an almost forgotten version of quantum mechanics, one that never gave up the idea of a single, concrete reality. The experiments involve an oil droplet that bounces along the surface of a liquid. The droplet gently sloshes the liquid with every bounce. At the same time, ripples from past bounces affect its course. The droplet’s interaction with its own ripples, which form what’s known as a pilot wave, causes it to exhibit behaviors previously thought to be … Read entire article »

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Extra gene drove instant leap in human brain evolution

A partial, duplicate copy of a gene appears to be responsible for the critical features of the human brain that distinguish us from our closest primate kin. The momentous gene duplication event occurred about two or three million years ago, at a critical transition in the evolution of the human lineage, according to a pair of studies published online in the journal Cell, on 3 May 2012. Read article here: … Read entire article »

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Shooting in Austin at State Cap Building

[youtube][/youtube] Shots fired at the TX capitol Suspicious Shooting at Texas Capitol Results in Lockdown Man in custody after firing shots at Texas Capitol Washington Post Questions surround Capitol shooting suspect KVUE … Read entire article »

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Public Austin Forum on Police and Privacy March 30th

Proposed Police Programs Put Your Privacy at Stake Austin’s police chief proposes a policy of mandatory blood withdrawals for drunk driving suspects who refuse a breathalyzer test. Now the chief favors video surveillance across the city, new requirements for DNA samples for detainees, and police checkpoints, making everyone a suspect. Is this the end of privacy as we know it? Join a Public Forum, March 30th. Panelists include: Art Acevedo – Austin Chief of Police, Deborah Russell – American Civil Liberties Union, Karen Housewright – Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Mike Martinez – Austin City Council, John Bush – Texans for Accountable Government. Austin City Hall 301 W. 2nd Street, Austin, Texas 78701 Forum Begins at 6pm in Council Chambers Parking available in garage under City Hall. Sponsored by Texans for Accountable Government For more information, call (318) 617-8292 / … Read entire article »

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Hawaiin Woman Claims To Find 5 Dollar Bill Inside Coconut

Just plain weird and Fortean … a great pick-me-up story in a world gone mad. Woman Claims To Find $5 Bill Inside Coconut PEARL CITY, Hawaii — It is a mystery to a family in Pearl City, Hawaii, and they swear it really happened. A woman said she found a $5 bill inside a coconut. Kuulei Mata said she brought home fresh coconuts from a local market and cracked some of them open. She was disappointed to find that one, and then another, had water but no meat. The coconuts were so bad she was going to return them and ask for her money back. Then she cracked open another one and reached inside. “I went in with my fingers and out came this money. I didn’t realize it was $5,” Kuulei Mata said. “I called … Read entire article »

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The Citizine Community Political Forum was a Success

  Monday night was the most fun I’ve had since I saw Scott Horton debate and defeat war-monger Harvey Kushner.   Scott Horton, at my request, moderated a community political forum organized by good friend Thom White (publisher of CitizineMag) and featuring some of my favorite local political friends from several different political parties.   It was GREAT! Of course it helps that it was in a cool Austin setting; a place called Spiderhouse just off the main UT Drag. Access to beer during political events like this is a necessity.   Anyway … the reviews are in … below are some of the local media’s take on the event. Video to follow soon. … Read entire article »

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CITIZINE – Community Political Forum Tonight at Spiderhouse

CITIZINE – Community Political Forum Tonight at Spiderhouse TOLL ROADS — TAXES — TASERS!! Before you vote, join the debate! Click the image to see the full-size poster COMMUNITY POLITICAL FORUM TUESDAY, OCTOBER 28 Forum begins at 7:00 p.m. Spiderhouse Cafe 2908 Fruth Street Austin, TX 78705 Suggested donation: $5.00 CITIZINE and Texans for Accountable Government (TAG) present a panel representing a wide spectrum of political parties. Constitution Party – Erica Grignon, Travis Co. coordinator Democratic Party – Andy Brown, Travis County chairman Green Party – kat swift, Co-chair, Green Party Texas Independents – Debbie Russell, local coordinator for Nader/Gonzalez campaign Libertarian Party – Wes Benedict, candidate for Travis County Commissioner, Precinct 3 Republican Party – Don Zimmerman, candidate for Travis County Tax Assessor-Collector Moderator: Scott Horton of Arrive early to submit questions to the panel. * * * * * CITIZINE – News, Music, Politics, Interviews in Austin, … Read entire article »

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First Annual Texas U Find Out Forum – October 25th

FIRST TEXAS U FIND OUT FORUM SET FOR OCT. 25 FORT WORTH, TX – Responding to increasing serious interest by the public concerning the issue of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO), the Texas Research & Information Bureau (TRIB) has scheduled a forum on the subject featuring four area authorities. The First Annual Texas U Find Out Forum will be held on October 25, 2008, at Vance Godbey’s Restaurant located at 8601 Jacksboro Highway just past Lake Worth. Doors will open at 9:30 a.m. and the program will begin at 10 a.m. and last until 4 p.m. A catered buffet lunch, a panel discussion and book signings are included. Cost is $65 per person but persons who pre-register by Oct. 10 can pay only $55. Orders may be placed by telephoning 817-379-0773. Leading off the … Read entire article »

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Cop UFO Case ReViewed or ReRun

Last Wednesday (9/17/08) I got an email from a friend about an incredible multiwitness UFO event she’d read about on Yahoo news site that disappeared within a half hour of her watching the video news article. The sighting she described amounted to the possibility of yet another strange UFO event involving multiple police officers as witnesses in the same areas of Illinois as the famous Lebanon, Millstadt, Shiloh triangular UFO sightings that occurred back in January of 2000. UFO story and video immediately retracted this AM I’m a a night owl, and often on the internet in the wee hours. This AM early, before I went to bed, I saw a news story in the short list of headlines on the Yahoo! page. It had not been there more than 20 mins or … Read entire article »

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UK releases UFO files

The British government has released their “first batch” of UFO files at, as part of a four year program to make the files available to the public. Also available at the national archives UFO site are videocasts and podcasts from Nick Pope and Dr. David Clarke, respectively, as well as older, already released UFO files, in PDF format (available for download at “a small fee”, according to the site, although all but those available under the UFO Files from the 1970s link are listed at £0.00, and the various PDFs available under UFO Files from the 1970s are either free or £3.50 per document). … Read entire article »

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March On Austin to Stop The TTC / Tolls Across Texas

STOP THE TTC & TOLLS ACROSS TEXAS RALLY March on Austin is Saturday, April 5 at 12:15 p.m. with line up by 11:45 a.m. The rally is from 1-4 p.m. Staging area for the march are parking lots at the corner of Hwy. 343/Ceasar Chavez/Red River streets, one block west of I-35. Speakers include Rep. Ron Paul, Va. Rep. Virgil Goode, Ohio Rep. Marcy Kaptur, Okla. Sen. Randy Brodon and many Texas state legislators who are fighting against the Trans-Texas Corridor and tollways. Last year I marched in the Don’t Tag Texas / Anti Toll Road Rally rally here in Austin, Texas. I posted a Gallery of my protest pics from the event that happened Independence Day of last year. Click the Pic below for a link to my gallery. For more … Read entire article »

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Lecture on Bizarre Texas History in Denton, Texas

Nick Redfern alerted us to an event that our North Texas readers might be interested in attending. And if you can’t attend the lecture, you may want to find a copy of Chad Lewis’ book … which also features a foreward by Mr. Redfern. Hidden Headlines of Texas: Strange, Unusual and Bizarre Newspaper Stories, 1860 – 1910 by Chad Lewis Bizarre Texas History Denton TX – UFOs sightings in the Texas sky are not a new phenomenon; in fact, a mysterious airship was reported in Denton in April 1897. Chad Lewis, author and paranormal investigator, will explore this sighting and other bizarre stories reported in turn-of-the-century Texas Newspapers. Join us at the Emily Fowler Central Library at 502 Oakland Street, March 15, 2008 at 3:00 for this fascinating presentation cosponsored by the Denton Area … Read entire article »

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ANOMALY #2 – Now at Even More Locations

The Second Issue of ANOMALY is Now Available at these Fine Locations. Copies are being distributed at select locations across Austin including: El Sol y La Luna on South Congress Austin Motel on South Congress Guero’s Taco Bar on South Congress Austin Art Glass on South Congress Vulcan Video & EcoWise on Elizabeth Street Southside Flying Pizza on South Congress Amy’s Ice Cream on South Congress Opal Devine’s on South Congress Austin Books on North Lamar Casa de Luz Center for Integral Studies Green Muse Cafe on West Oltorf Bouldin Creek Coffeehouse on South First Summermoon coffee on South First Sonny’s Vintage on Guadalupe Backspin Records on Airport Blvd Half Price Books on South Lamar Dog Almighty on South Lamar Tireman on South Lamar Ruta Maya on South Congress Whole Foods on Central Lamar Planet K on South Lamar Brave New Books on Guadalupe Dhaba Joy on Guadalupe & West 29th Oat Willie’s on West … Read entire article »

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CASTRO and JFK: Plot and Counterplot

By Kenn Thomas After Fidel Castro stepped down as Cuban dictator, CNN’s post on the fanciful US assassination plots against him included the following: Project Amlash-Rolando Cubela. Cubela, whose code name was Amlash, was a member of Castro’s inner circle from the beginning. He had become disenchanted and made contact with the CIA as early as 1961. Nestor Sanchez, his CIA case officer, was meeting with Cubela in Paris when President Kennedy was killed in Dallas, Texas, November 22, 1963. Sanchez provided Cubela that day — at Cubela’s request — a poison pen-syringe to be used either on Castro or on himself, in case of a failed attempt. Nothing happened. As CIA covert operations against Castro began winding down, the Agency put Cubela in touch with Manuel Artime, the exiled chief … Read entire article »

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Detention Camp Meme Spread Today

Synchronistic timing in the unveiling today of the Interview with Parapolitical Researcher Kenn Thomas which deals with FEMA and Rex84 detention camp fears. Turns out Alex Jones’ own PrisonPlanet network pushed a series of interviews and articles today detailing the latest. Former Congressman Warns Of Martial Law Camps In America Rule by fear or rule by law? by Lewis Seiler and Dan Hamburg. Alex talks with Peter Dale Scott, author and former diplomat, who believes the Department of Homeland Scurity is implementing “Endgame,” a plan to herd “potential terrorists” in KBR camps. Homeland Security Contracts for Vast New Detention Camps … Read entire article »

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Obama / Clinton Debate in Austin, Texas

OBAMA/CLINTON DEBATE IN AUSTIN Obama, Clinton differ slightly on Castro – Yahoo News … Read entire article »

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Arizona FireFighters Prep for UFO Contact

[youtube]anqoG64vsvY[/youtube] Thursday at 10: Valley firefighters trained for UFO contact Whatever your beliefs, it’s hard to dismiss how life-changing alien contact could be. It would literally change everything, and because of that, Valley emergency teams are taking it all seriously. Firefighters are getting trained for that contact, learning what to do and how to handle the situation if it ever turns into reality. It’s a training guide everyone will be talking about. Watch the full story, Thursday at 10 on ABC15 News. Thursday at 10: Valley firefighters trained for UFO contact – Phoenix news, breaking news, local news, weather radar, traffic from ABC15 News | That headline might catch you by surprise if you aren’t already deeply familiar with the UFO subject. But the serious ufologist will already know what script this training will likely be following. … Read entire article »

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Mack White Book Signing at Austin Books

If you live in the Austin area, I hope you will drop by Austin Books tomorrow, Wednesday, February 20. I will be signing copies of the just-released comics anthology Hotwire 2, along with copies of my other comics (Bush Junta, Villa of the Mysteries, Mutant Book of the Dead, etc.) and a few out-of-print publications and rarities. I’ll also have a few freebies, including copies of my Operation Northwoods comics pamphlet and the first two issues of the print edition of Anomaly Magazine. So, please try to make it. I would very much like to meet you. Austin Books is located at 5002 N. Lamar Blvd., and the event will run from 5 to 8 pm. … Read entire article »

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ANOMALY #2 is Now Available

The Second Issue of ANOMALY is Now Available at these Fine Locations. Copies are being distributed at select locations across Austin including: Planet K on South Lamar Brave New Books on Guadalupe Dhaba Joy on West 29th Street Oat Willie’s on West 29th Street Vulcan Video on West 29th Street Ruby’s BBQ on Guadalupe Spiderhouse Cafe on Fruth Street at West 29th Magic Wok on Guadalupe Pangaea on Guadalupe Kerbey Lane on Guadalupe Hole in the Wall on Guadalupe Texadelphia on Guadalupe Pipes Plus Hookah Bar on Guadalupe Longbranch Inn on 11th Street More Locations Coming Soon! … Read entire article »

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Soldiers Against Killing Civilians

Interviews with American soldiers from Iraq. [youtube]ErTMXT-tk54[/youtube] … Read entire article »

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