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Video Of The Week – Dealey Plaza 11/22/2008

[googlevideo][/googlevideo]  Dallas, Texas 11/22/2008 Part One: Dealey Plaza – 090112 AnomalyTV … Read entire article »

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Photography Credits and the InterWebs

Some time ago I bought Kenn Thomas’ PARAPOLITICS book and discovered that I’d become a published photographer … though uncredited. It was a still picture of John Judge from a video I’d shot at the COPA conf in Dallas in 2002 (below). Yesterday I heard part of Alex Jones’ interview with JFK researcher Bob Groden. And what do I discover at today … they used my still shot from that same 2002 COPA conference. “Alex talks with Robert J. Groden, author, photographer, and JFK assassination expert. Groden’s books include JFK: The Case for Conspiracy, The Killing of a President: The Complete Photographic Record of the JFK Assassination, and The Search for Lee Harvey Oswald: A Comprehensive Photographic Record. Alex also discusses the issues of the day and takes your calls.” You can find out more … Read entire article »

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Real or Surreal – Black Ops Badges

by SMiles Lewis Some time back I saw this allegedly official patch for stealth bomber pilots and crew. The 509th Bomber Wing were the first atomic bomb flyers and were based out of Roswell, New Mexico. I never thought it was likely to be real. Then last year friend and fellow researcher Greg Bishop wrote about his encounter with the patch while working on a new British documentary called Mirage Men. Apparently, UFO researcher Curtis Peebles had acquired one of the patches. And another UFO researcher, Dennis Balthaser actually called the Air Force and interrogated someone over the phone trying to ascertain the validity and meaning behind the patch. Now, it appears that an artist and activist named Trevor Paglen is having a bit of fun doing what he likes to do most, … Read entire article »

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CASTRO and JFK: Plot and Counterplot

By Kenn Thomas After Fidel Castro stepped down as Cuban dictator, CNN’s post on the fanciful US assassination plots against him included the following: Project Amlash-Rolando Cubela. Cubela, whose code name was Amlash, was a member of Castro’s inner circle from the beginning. He had become disenchanted and made contact with the CIA as early as 1961. Nestor Sanchez, his CIA case officer, was meeting with Cubela in Paris when President Kennedy was killed in Dallas, Texas, November 22, 1963. Sanchez provided Cubela that day — at Cubela’s request — a poison pen-syringe to be used either on Castro or on himself, in case of a failed attempt. Nothing happened. As CIA covert operations against Castro began winding down, the Agency put Cubela in touch with Manuel Artime, the exiled chief … Read entire article »

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Detention Camp Meme Spread Today

Synchronistic timing in the unveiling today of the Interview with Parapolitical Researcher Kenn Thomas which deals with FEMA and Rex84 detention camp fears. Turns out Alex Jones’ own PrisonPlanet network pushed a series of interviews and articles today detailing the latest. Former Congressman Warns Of Martial Law Camps In America Rule by fear or rule by law? by Lewis Seiler and Dan Hamburg. Alex talks with Peter Dale Scott, author and former diplomat, who believes the Department of Homeland Scurity is implementing “Endgame,” a plan to herd “potential terrorists” in KBR camps. Homeland Security Contracts for Vast New Detention Camps … Read entire article »

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Interview with Parapolitical Researcher Kenn Thomas

Kenn Thomas Interviewed by Kali of Karmapolis. 1 – FEMA detention camps have been subjected to a lot of writing and speculation during these last years in United States. Videos, images and detailed descriptions of these camps are available on the net. It is difficult to source the origin of these descriptions. Do they really exist? What are their final purpose? Activists in parapolitical studies – let’s call them “conspiranistas” – come up with these identifications to underscore the idea that America still has disaster areas that suffer from federal emergency mismanagement. As Randy Newman sings, “free to live in a cage in East St. Louis and the south side of Chicago,” with the obvious most recent example being post-Katrina New Orleans. The kind of detailed thing you refer to, with video … Read entire article »

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Thought for the day via UK Liberty

Suppose every CCTV camera was replaced by a guard in a tower? Thought for the day « UK Liberty … Read entire article »

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Guided By Voices

by SMiles Lewis “Do you ever think about … murder? About committing the ultimate crime?” – Says the Voice in Your Head, Thanks to Court TV. (WABC) It’s only a matter of time. The wrong person will find their way, like a deer trapped in headlights, into the path of a HOLOSONIC ™ advertising beam. Whether the voices tell them to “Drink more coke” or “tune in next week” they will snap. God bless and keep safe those who fall in their path thereafter. We’ll either get another mass shooter, mind control cult leader, or perhaps another President. What has long been rumored within the conspiracy and ufology communities went public a few years ago (though a variant of the technology was discussed for use even earlier during the Waco siege) and is quickly … Read entire article »

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UFOs & The Black Lodge – A Blue Rose Report Primer

“We shall pick up an existence by its frogs. Wise men have tried other ways. They have tried to understand our state of being, by grasping at its stars, or its arts, or its economics. But, if there is an underlying oneness of all things, it does not matter where we begin, whether with stars, or laws of supply and demand, or frogs, or Napoleon Bonaparte. One measures a circle, beginning anywhere.” ~Charles Fort, Lo! UFOlogists don’t like to talk about bigfoot. Cryptozoologists looking for sasquatch don’t like talking about ghosts. Ghost hunters won’t talk about UFOs. And conspiracy researchers are constantly lamenting, and rightfully so, being linked to all of the above by the media as a discrediting tactic. It’s a fair criticism (for those not wishing to taint there … Read entire article »

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Mack White Comments: THE CRAP

I’ve read about various disagreeable things Glenn Beck has said on his CNN program, but had never seen a clip from the program—did not even know what the man looked like—until last week when Dave vonKleist came to Austin to screen his documentary 9/11 Ripple Effect. The documentary features an excerpt from the edition of Beck’s show on which Dave was a guest. It was included in the documentary as an example of how the mainstream media never seriously addresses the issues raised by 9/11 researchers, but rather, attempts to discredit the research by associating it with UFOs, tinfoil hats, Bigfoot, ghosts, and the Second Coming of Elvis. And there he was in the clip, Glenn Beck, doing just that, heaping ridicule on his guest, Dave vonKleist, without once asking a … Read entire article »

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