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Roadside Torture: Official Policy of Travis Co. Sheriff’s Dept.

SPECIAL REPORT from Mack White I defy anyone to watch this video (above) and give me one good reason why Travis County Deputy Chris Bieze was justified in Tasering a 72-year-old grandmother during a traffic stop. Yes, she was argumentative. Yes, she failed to comply with the officer’s order. But does this justify use of the Taser? Originally, Tasers were intended to be used by police only in situations where a gun might otherwise be used–that is, in situations where lives might be in danger. Rule of thumb: If a situation doesn’t require a gun, it shouldn’t require a Taser. And yet, increasingly, police are using the Taser not in dangerous situations, but simply to enforce compliance. … Read entire article »

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Public Austin Forum on Police and Privacy March 30th

Proposed Police Programs Put Your Privacy at Stake Austin’s police chief proposes a policy of mandatory blood withdrawals for drunk driving suspects who refuse a breathalyzer test. Now the chief favors video surveillance across the city, new requirements for DNA samples for detainees, and police checkpoints, making everyone a suspect. Is this the end of privacy as we know it? Join a Public Forum, March 30th. Panelists include: Art Acevedo – Austin Chief of Police, Deborah Russell – American Civil Liberties Union, Karen Housewright – Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Mike Martinez – Austin City Council, John Bush – Texans for Accountable Government. Austin City Hall 301 W. 2nd Street, Austin, Texas 78701 Forum Begins at 6pm in Council Chambers Parking available in garage under City Hall. Sponsored by Texans for Accountable Government For more information, call (318) 617-8292 / … Read entire article »

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Video Of The Week – AntiWar Iraq Veterans Trampled by Police Horses

[youtube][/youtube] Peaceful AntiWar Iraq Veterans Trampled by Police Horses while Protesting at Presidential Debates – 081025 … Read entire article »

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Cop UFO Case ReViewed or ReRun

Last Wednesday (9/17/08) I got an email from a friend about an incredible multiwitness UFO event she’d read about on Yahoo news site that disappeared within a half hour of her watching the video news article. The sighting she described amounted to the possibility of yet another strange UFO event involving multiple police officers as witnesses in the same areas of Illinois as the famous Lebanon, Millstadt, Shiloh triangular UFO sightings that occurred back in January of 2000. UFO story and video immediately retracted this AM I’m a a night owl, and often on the internet in the wee hours. This AM early, before I went to bed, I saw a news story in the short list of headlines on the Yahoo! page. It had not been there more than 20 mins or … Read entire article »

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