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CASTRO and JFK: Plot and Counterplot

By Kenn Thomas After Fidel Castro stepped down as Cuban dictator, CNN’s post on the fanciful US assassination plots against him included the following: Project Amlash-Rolando Cubela. Cubela, whose code name was Amlash, was a member of Castro’s inner circle from the beginning. He had become disenchanted and made contact with the CIA as early as 1961. Nestor Sanchez, his CIA case officer, was meeting with Cubela in Paris when President Kennedy was killed in Dallas, Texas, November 22, 1963. Sanchez provided Cubela that day — at Cubela’s request — a poison pen-syringe to be used either on Castro or on himself, in case of a failed attempt. Nothing happened. As CIA covert operations against Castro began winding down, the Agency put Cubela in touch with Manuel Artime, the exiled chief … Read entire article »

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Ron Paul rings the Liberty Bell at UT

Ron Paul rings the Liberty Bell at his University of Texas rally — February 23, 2008. [youtube]2txXltkW9DA[/youtube] Footage courtesy of CITIZINE News. … Read entire article »

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Obama / Clinton Debate in Austin, Texas

OBAMA/CLINTON DEBATE IN AUSTIN Obama, Clinton differ slightly on Castro – Yahoo News … Read entire article »

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Reasons to Vote for John McCain

Reasons to vote for Sen. John McCain of Arizona. [youtube]W-lYKrQPgZM[/youtube] Not paid for by the Committee to elect John McCain. … Read entire article »

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Austin is a stronghold for Ron Paul campaign

The AAS covers this past weekend’s phenomenal Ron Paul “money bomb” and Tea Party ’07 activism. But of course the author just had to use the obligatory, dismissive identifiers “‘black helicopter’ crowd” and “Paul’s is the Keep Austin Weird campaign” to discredit his supporters. – sMiles POLITICS 2008 PRESIDENTIAL RACE Austin is a stronghold for Ron Paul campaign Supporters run the gamut from techies to libertarians to ‘black helicopter’ crowd. By Mark Lisheron AMERICAN-STATESMAN STAFF Sunday, December 16, 2007 Famously, flagrantly liberal Austin has almost overnight become a crucial redoubt in a campaign to elect as president a libertarian Republican congressman from Lake Jackson. The strength of Ron Paul here is just another surprise in a campaign built almost entirely on the unexpected, delighting the candidate and confounding the experts. From the bursts of online political donations — nearly … Read entire article »

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Liberty Dollars Seized by FBI Agents

Feds grab over 50,000 collectible “Ron Paul Dollars” in raid November 21, 2007 – Last week federal agents invaded the headquarters of Norfed, manufacturer of collectible “Liberty Dollars,” and confiscated all of the company’s precious metals, computers, and documents. FBI officials in charge of an investigation have refused to publicly discuss the raid that has effectively shut down the “National Organization for the Repeal of the Federal Reserve Act and the Internal Revenue Code.” Norfed manufactures collector currency, “Liberty Dollars,” which contain precious metals such as gold and silver. On their website, Norfed offers instructions on how to use the silver medallions in everyday transactions as a “private voluntary barter currency.” About a year ago, the U.S. Mint issued an internet “warning” about Norfed’s “Liberty Dollars,” indicating that prosecutors within the … Read entire article »

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