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Quantum Mechanics Wrong This Whole Time?

This idea that nature is inherently probabilistic — that particles have no hard properties, only likelihoods, until they are observed — is directly implied by the standard equations of quantum mechanics. But now a set of surprising experiments with fluids has revived old skepticism about that worldview. The bizarre results are fueling interest in an almost forgotten version of quantum mechanics, one that never gave up the idea of a single, concrete reality. The experiments involve an oil droplet that bounces along the surface of a liquid. The droplet gently sloshes the liquid with every bounce. At the same time, ripples from past bounces affect its course. The droplet’s interaction with its own ripples, which form what’s known as a pilot wave, causes it to exhibit behaviors previously thought to be … Read entire article »

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INACS Explores God on the Brain

The local non-profit for which I serve as Vice President is having a free event tomorrow night featuring a viewing of the 2003 BBC documentary, “God on the Brain” … Consciousness Connections Meeting Tuesday, March 9, 2010 6:30p Social, 7:00-9:00p Program Austin Center for Spiritual Living 4804 Grover Note – New Location Visitors are welcome, the meeting is free. Book donations are welcome. Documentary and Panel Discussion “God on the Brain” From BBC Horizon (2003) Rudi Affolter and Gwen Tighe have both experienced strong religious visions. He is an atheist; she a Christian. He thought he had died; she thought she had given birth to Jesus. Both have temporal lobe epilepsy. Like other forms of epilepsy, the condition causes fitting but it is also associated … Read entire article »

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Austin IONS Presents Mary Mansfield

Seeking the Balance: my dance between spirituality and science – Mary Mansfield Austin IONS Meeting – October 27th, 2009: Mary Mansfield, contemplative psychologist, will present on Seeking the Balance: my dance between spirituality and science.  Drawing from her own life experiences, she will share how she sought ways of creating a balance between her spiritual and physical worlds, especially in times of trials and tribulations.  In the gallery of the First Unitarian Universalist Church, 4600 Grover, south of 49th east of Burnet. the meeting is free and open to the public, at 6:30 PM for gathering, meeting at 7 PM. For more information go to, and call 512-847-0371. Mary Mansfield has lived many incarnations, coming to the realization that life gives you what you need, from the many realms of existence, in … Read entire article »

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Ufologist Richard Hall has died

Richard H. Hall (December 25, 1930 – July 17, 2009) On Friday I learned of the death of UFOlogist Richard Hall by way of an email sent from Jerome Clark through the UFO UpDates eList: I have just received word that veteran ufologist Richard Hall, who was both a friend and hero to me, died this morning of the cancer he had been fighting. Ufology has lost a giant. Jerry Clark Richard Hall was a very significant researcher and historic advocate for rational and scientific investigation of the UFO phenomenon. He was rather unflinchingly anti-paranormal and rejected the works of two of my favorite UFO researchers, Jacques Vallee and John Keel. Falling on the heels of John Keel’s passing and the tributes to his work and falling within the slew of other “celebrity” deaths of late Hall’s passing perhaps signals … Read entire article »

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Video of the Week – 60 Minutes on Mind Reading Technology

[youtube][/youtube] Anomaly TeleVision » Blog Archive » 60 Minutes – Mind Reading Tech 60 Minutes – Mind Reading (video) How Technology May Soon “Read” Your Mind … Read entire article »

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New Jacques Vallee books: Forbidden Science – Volume Two and Strategem

New Books from Jacques Vallee! The other day while browsing The Anomalist dot com headlines I noticed in the right sidebar a new book by Jacques Vallee – its the sequel to his fantastic memoirs, Forbidden Science. The original volume led right up to the dawn of the 70’s UFO Scene. There was so much in that original volume yet the prospect of more decades of revelations of the behind the scenes activities of the world’s leading UFOlogist has had me wanting for more ever since. One of the more important bits in the original Forbidden Science was Jacques’ revelations about the infamous Pentacle Memorandum addressed to Miles E. Coll from H. C. Cross; from my April 2005 Anomaly Archives eNewsletter: One of the probable reasons for ufo researcher Jacques Vallee’s suspicions about the … Read entire article »

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Video Of The Week – Physicist and consciousness researcher Thomas Campbell

[youtube][/youtube] Part 1 of 18 Physics, Metaphysics & the Consciousness Connection – 081105 Physicist and consciousness researcher, Thomas Campbell, Discusses the nature of reality in terms of consciousness — this video logically and scientifically explains the normal and the paranormal, mind and matter, physics and metaphysics, philosophy and theology. … Read entire article »

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Thomas Campbell Event: Consciousness and the Larger Reality

Download the PDF Flyer: Lo Res / Hi Res November 6th, 7th & 8th In this workshop: Discover the unification of physics and metaphysics. Find the origins and inner workings of consciousness and reality,mind and matter. Understand who, what and why you are. Integrate your personal experience and present understanding within a larger scientific context. See how love, spirituality and quantum mechanics are derived as fundamental aspects of reality. Nuclear physicist Thomas Campbell helped get Bob Monroe’s laboratory for the study of consciousness up and running in the ’70s. Tom, the “TC (physicist) ”in Monroe’s book Far Journeys, has been a serious explorer of the frontier of reality, mind, consciousness, altered states and psychic phenomena for 35 years. He has steered his research toward discovering the outer boundaries, inner workings and causal … Read entire article »

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Bigfoot Podcast gives insight into OFV

While there are many, many groups and individuals involved in various aspects of Bigfoot research, The Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy is one of the few organizations involved in regular, ongoing field studies that employ field tested and proven methods used by biologists to document rare and endangered species around the world. The TBRC, for instance, engages in camera trapping activities that are very similar to those used to capture these images of the elusive snow leopard. The most recent news item posted over at the TBRC site concerns a recent podcast from Brian Brown’s Bigfoot Information Project detailing some of the work involved in the TBRC’s Operation Forest Vigil (OFV) project. The podcast (or BIPcast) features interviews with TBRC field investigators Daryl Colyer, Chris Buntenbah, and Dr. Ken Helmer and is … Read entire article »

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Support the International Cryptozoology Museum

Loren Coleman‘s efforts to sustain The International Cryptozoology Museum should be a funding priority for not only Cryptozoologists, but ALL Anomalists and Forteans worldwide. I’m launching this Chipin-based Summer Fundraiser with this Chipin Widget (that you can install or post on your own blog or website) not because Loren Coleman is a good friend but because the museum is a valuable resource for Cryptozoology. I’ve donated $50 to the International Cryptozoology Museum‘s SUMMER FUNDRAISER to kickoff this funding campaign which lasts until the end of Summer on September 22nd, 2008. Please join me in helping sponsor this most valuable of causes. – SMiles Lewis “It is with deep appreciation for all the past contributions that I come to the readers of Cryptomundo today, asking for your important help. Your vital assistance is needed. Whether you … Read entire article »

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TBRC launches new website

Once upon a time there were a couple of guys in Texas with an interest in Bigfoot reports from their state who started an organization called the Texas Bigfoot Research Center. Over time the organization grew. They began investigating reports. They began organizing field expeditions and conducting long-term camera trap surveys. Their dedication to detail gained the discrete support of many scientists and academics, and the open support of notable researchers and authors such as Dr. Jeff Meldrum and Loren Coleman. Eventually the group gained non-profit status and changed their name to the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy. And now they have a new web address. After a long period of stasis, the new TBRC site is up and active at The old address,, is still active and will redirect … Read entire article »

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Scientific Dogma

In the medieval era most parishioners did not speak Latin. Mass, however, was delivered in Latin (sometimes, undoubtedly, by illiterate priests who were simply reciting by rote). In the highly organized structure of the Catholic Church the fact that the laity could not understand Latin did not matter. It was not their lot to truly understand, but to accept on faith. There were priests to act as intermediaries in absolving their sins. There were Bishops and Cardinals whose jobs were to pour over esoteric texts and pages filled with strange symbols and letters, to unravel and understand the workings of God’s Universe and to dole out that knowledge in spoonfuls and dollops as they saw fit. Jump forward thirteen centuries and although the players have changed, the game has stayed pretty … Read entire article »

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