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Video of the Week – Alex Jones Interviewed About The New America

[youtube=] Anomaly TeleVision » Blog Archive » Alex Jones Interviewed about The New America Carol McKinley from HDNet interviews Alex Jones during his radio broadcast for a piece about the resurgence of the militia movement in the United States. Alex discusses the American public preparing to defend itself, the Gadsden flag, a leaked 2006 FBI-created law enforcement training video, the use of staged terror attacks like Oklahoma City and 9/11 to create an interlinked law enforcement surveillance database apparatus to fight terrorism that is now being used on the American people, and much more. This Week’s Anomaly TeleVision Round-Up: Independent Investigation Into Pentagon Attack Yields Alarming Information PsiOp Radio Live from Austin, Texas August 30, 2009 Incredible Second Video Emerges of UFO Releasing Objects Over Mexico KTLA UFO Cover Up Live Oct 15 1988 Polish Bigfoot on the … Read entire article »

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Public Austin Forum on Police and Privacy March 30th

Proposed Police Programs Put Your Privacy at Stake Austin’s police chief proposes a policy of mandatory blood withdrawals for drunk driving suspects who refuse a breathalyzer test. Now the chief favors video surveillance across the city, new requirements for DNA samples for detainees, and police checkpoints, making everyone a suspect. Is this the end of privacy as we know it? Join a Public Forum, March 30th. Panelists include: Art Acevedo – Austin Chief of Police, Deborah Russell – American Civil Liberties Union, Karen Housewright – Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Mike Martinez – Austin City Council, John Bush – Texans for Accountable Government. Austin City Hall 301 W. 2nd Street, Austin, Texas 78701 Forum Begins at 6pm in Council Chambers Parking available in garage under City Hall. Sponsored by Texans for Accountable Government For more information, call (318) 617-8292 / … Read entire article »

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Dr. Katherine Albrecht Speaks on Microchips at Brave New Books

Every Tuesday over at Anomaly Television is “Science & Technology Tuesday” when I and my friend Floyd Anderson post the latest videos related to those topics. Well last Monday night Brave New Bookstore featured an important speaker (whose radio show I sometimes carry at Anomaly Radio). Dr. Katherine Albrecht is the leading expert in America fighting for your and my freedom from rampant surveillance society, prison planet, techno tracking and taxation. She was just here in Central Texas to fight the new MANDATORY pet-chipping happening just down the road in San Marcos. I went to the bookstore event hoping to catch her lecture, show my support and maybe even finally meet her face to face. However, the event was so successful that I took one look around, saw no place … Read entire article »

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Austin police chief proposes Big Brother camera system

By Thom White AUSTIN January 23, 2008 – On Tuesday, recently-appointed Austin police chief Art Acevedo announced to the media a proposed police surveillance camera system that would attempt to record all public activity in the Sixth Street district in order to reduce the likelihood of crime. The cameras’ recordings would be reviewed in secret by police personnel who would use the footage as evidence in prosecutions against individuals they identify committing crimes on video. Chief Acevedo said if there is no public opposition to the installation of the public spy cameras, the equipment will be installed and begin recording around 6th Street in a few months. According to news reports, Chief Acevedo told reporters, “As I travel around the city, I have been approached by residents in high-crime areas who are … Read entire article »

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