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George Knapp Reports on Crashed UFO Near Needles Nevada

[youtube]sYw19H71G5Q[/youtube] Crashed UFO Near Needles Nevada UFO crash / Las Vegas CRASH UFO The Needles UFO Crash: What Really Happened? by Bill Knell On May 14, 2008, a UFO crashed west of the Colorado River near Needles, … It’s just across the bridge from Arizona and near the Nevada border as well. … Hat tip to “Shaggy” for the lead on the video. … Read entire article »

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Soldiers Against Killing Civilians

Interviews with American soldiers from Iraq. [youtube]ErTMXT-tk54[/youtube] … Read entire article »

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Reasons to Vote for John McCain

Reasons to vote for Sen. John McCain of Arizona. [youtube]W-lYKrQPgZM[/youtube] Not paid for by the Committee to elect John McCain. … Read entire article »

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Killing of burglars in Pasadena stirs controversy

By Thom White On the afternoon of November 14, 2007, computer consultant Joe Horn, 61, shot and killed two men that had burglarized his neighbor’s home in Pasadena, Texas, near Houston. When Mr. Horn looked out the window at two o’clock in the afternoon and saw a couple men breaking into his neighbor’s home in broad daylight, he first called 911. When he saw the thieves then come out of the house with a bag of loot, and still no squad cars had arrived, he went outside with his shotgun to confront the men himself. During his 911 call, Joe Horn identified the two burglars as “black,” and when the news story was first blasted across the airwaves, it was portrayed as another episode in Americans’ ongoing “black/white conflict.” However, in today’s … Read entire article »

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