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What If Missing Time Is Supposed To Stay Missing? by JayVay

  This gets me to a point about missing time. Missing time is the thing we fill in with hypnosis, right? That’s the whole reason for the hypnosis debacle in the first place: you have a weird experience and there’s a chunk of time missing and you want to know what happened. But if the consciously-remembered events surrounding this missing time are seemingly illogical, should you recall a logical space doctor interaction during the “missing” part? Nothing in past interactions suggests this. Perhaps Jacques was wrong about the content of missing time being symbolically relevant but right about missing time in general. Perhaps it is symbolically relevant in and of itself. Maybe nothing happens during missing time. Maybe it’s there, like everything else in high strangeness, to keep the person’s focus on … Read entire article »

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MIB: a small addition to a legend.

  What I’m going to do to make this as merciful as possible is to make a timeline of events. If this works, I hope that you’ll see the emergence of some possibilities as to why the Men in Black concept occurred and grew. April 1952: Albert Bender, newly energized saucer enthusiast and science fiction hobbyist, founds a small organization, The International Flying Saucer Bureau, IFSB, composed of himself and a few of his science-fiction friends. He announces that the purpose of the organization is to be a force for friendship between Earth and the Flying Saucer people so as to avoid a disastrous war. July 19-20 and July 26-27, 1952: The two weekends of the “Washington Merry-go-Round” visits of UFOs over DC. These two events, embedded in the Wave of 1952, demonstrated … Read entire article »

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What About Whitley? Strieber’s Necessary Fantasy?

What, No Aliens? Manufactured Narratives, Imaginal Beings, & Strieber’s Necessary Fantasy? By jasunhorusly March 12, 2013 … y-fantasy/ “Whitley Strieber & the Paradigm of Doom” … f-Doom.pdf The Kephas-Strieber-Mother-Strangled Inner-Outer Connections … nnections/ Kephas & the Pit: As Within, So Without … o-without/ The Whitley Enigma: Many Voices, One Song … -one-song/ Here We Go Down the Strieber Rabbit Hole Again! … ole-again/ Strieber, the Mother-Strangled Boys, and the Real Alchemical Path … ical-path/ Autism & the Other (Perceptual Warfare) Full PDF … -download/ … -Other.pdf hidden experience: extremely odd nameless website … bsite.html STRANGLED (Podcasts and Notes on Strieber and THE KEY) … Read entire article »

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Silver Screen Saucers and Ancient Astronauts

Robbie Graham reporting on the convergence of Silver Screen Saucers and popular conspiracy theories on Ancient Astronauts: [youtube][/youtube] In the current hard-copy issue of Empire magazine, however, Scott finally ‘outs’ himself as a proponent of the Ancient Astronaut theory, saying: “In the ‘60s there was a guy called Erich Von Daniken who did a very popular book called Chariots of the Gods?, and he proposed previsitation, which we all pooh-poohed. But the more we get into it, the more science accepts the fact that we’re not alone in this universe, and there’s every feasible chance that there’s more of us, not exactly as we are, but creatures that are organically living in other parts of this particular galaxy. (Stephen) Hawking said he thinks that there are and that he hopes they don’t visit. Because … Read entire article »

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New Nick Redfern book: Space Girl Dead On Spaghetti Junction

New Nick Redfern book: Space Girl Dead On Spaghetti Junction

“Space Girl Dead On Spaghetti Junction”!?!? Nick is a lean mean writing machine! Coming very soon from CFZ Press is an anthology of my writings covering 1982 to the present, and focusing on such topics as UFOs, unknown animals, cover-ups, the world of Hollywood, and much more. Mine will be the second in a series inspired by Patrick Huyghe’s Swamp Gas Times book, and is titled Space Girl Dead on Spaghetti Junction. You may very well ask: … Read entire article »

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Reminder: Nick Redfern lecture on UFO CONTACTEES – Saturday, August 21st

Nick Redfern Lecture on Research into UFO – CONTACTEES Saturday, August 21st @ 7pm Austin Center for Spiritual Living 4804 Grover Ave. Austin, TX 78756 Free Event / Donations Welcome / Raffle Prizes Contactees: A History of Alien-Human Interaction We are not alone…and Nick Redfern can prove it. Contactees contains the fascinating stories of the select group of people chosen by visitors to Earth to spread their message. Are aliens really among us? Don’t be too quick to dismiss their claims. Truman Bethurum was divorced by his wife because she believed he was having close encounters of a very personal kind with a beautiful extraterrestrial “space captain” named Aura Rhanes. Is he nuts? Prescient? An omen? A band of eerily human-looking, blond-haired aliens–later known as the Space-Brothers–informed other contactees that they were concerned by our warlike ways and wished … Read entire article »

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Texas Photographer takes pic of… UFO or Street Light?

Is this a UFO or just the streaked image of a street light? TX, January 26, 2010 – I take pictures of cloud formations as a hobby, found this ufo? object during a review of the pics. MUFON Case # 21894. Background As a relaxing hobby, I enjoy taking pictures of various cloud formations, storms etc. Event Time: Jan 26th 2010 at 4:54pm Event Location: Addison Texas at the Intersection of Arapaho and Monfort I parked in the lot across from a Walmart to snap a few cloud photos. I did not see or notice any planes /crafts or lighting in the sky, all normal. Only later that day, as I reviewed the photos, I found the ufo? object on one of the photos. Photo: Cropped version from the original. MUFON database. Hat tip to Roger Marsh: UFO Image Captured by … Read entire article »

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Austin Live Theatre: Surfin’ UFO, Electronic Planet Ensemble at the Vortex

Surfin’ UFO Electronic Planet Ensemble presents Surfin’ UFO, a multi-dimensional, multi-media, inter-galactic love story. Feel the power of nature riding inside the curl of a monster wave. Fall in love with a space girl. The Anunnaki are knocking at your door, and one of them looks just like Bridgitte Bardot. Planet X, 2012, crop circles, Roswell, ancient … Read entire article »

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Ufologist Richard Hall has died

Richard H. Hall (December 25, 1930 – July 17, 2009) On Friday I learned of the death of UFOlogist Richard Hall by way of an email sent from Jerome Clark through the UFO UpDates eList: I have just received word that veteran ufologist Richard Hall, who was both a friend and hero to me, died this morning of the cancer he had been fighting. Ufology has lost a giant. Jerry Clark Richard Hall was a very significant researcher and historic advocate for rational and scientific investigation of the UFO phenomenon. He was rather unflinchingly anti-paranormal and rejected the works of two of my favorite UFO researchers, Jacques Vallee and John Keel. Falling on the heels of John Keel’s passing and the tributes to his work and falling within the slew of other “celebrity” deaths of late Hall’s passing perhaps signals … Read entire article »

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I would like to plead for my right to investigate natural phenomena without having guns pointed at me. I also ask for the right to be wrong without being hanged for it. — Wilhelm Reich, father of the concept of orgone energy and inventor of the orgone accumulator Wikipedia Wilhelm Reich Museum … Read entire article »

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Video of the Week – Obama On Aliens

[youtube][/youtube] Obama on Aliens – 090508 … Read entire article »

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New Jacques Vallee books: Forbidden Science – Volume Two and Strategem

New Books from Jacques Vallee! The other day while browsing The Anomalist dot com headlines I noticed in the right sidebar a new book by Jacques Vallee – its the sequel to his fantastic memoirs, Forbidden Science. The original volume led right up to the dawn of the 70’s UFO Scene. There was so much in that original volume yet the prospect of more decades of revelations of the behind the scenes activities of the world’s leading UFOlogist has had me wanting for more ever since. One of the more important bits in the original Forbidden Science was Jacques’ revelations about the infamous Pentacle Memorandum addressed to Miles E. Coll from H. C. Cross; from my April 2005 Anomaly Archives eNewsletter: One of the probable reasons for ufo researcher Jacques Vallee’s suspicions about the … Read entire article »

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Video of the Week – John Keel on the Mothman

[youtube][/youtube] John Keel on the Mothman – 090302 … Read entire article »

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R-E-S-P-E-C-T, it’s what UFOs in the UK need

Respectability. Reputation. Legitimacy. For those researching strange phenomenon, establishing and maintaining a good reputation, a measure of respect, and the legitimacy of their studies is always an uphill battle. Mainstream journalist and pundits usually scoff, when they bother to pay attention at all. Hoaxers and scam artists garner big notice in the press. But researchers who are respected in their particular cloistered field, and who have called a hoax a hoax from the outset, are relegated to a footnote in the mainstream news reports. That is, they are relegated to a footnote if they are lucky enough to be noticed at all. In the world of conspiracy theory, ufology, cryptozoology, and fringe science, your damned when you speak out, and damned when you don’t. So, given all of this, what does respectability even mean to these fields? Enthusiasm and interest ebbs and flows, as it does … Read entire article »

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C.B. Scott Jones on UFO Disclosure – Austin Event

80 Years with a Blinking 3rd Eye – Free Austin Event The name C.B. Scott Jones is both obscure to many a casual UFO buff yet widely known among “deep seekers” of the UFOlogical and Parapsychological communities. His work for Senator Claiborne Pell investigating paranormal phenomena and his briefing of President Clinton’s Science Adviser on behalf of Laurance Rockefeller are the stuff of legend – and yet they are fact. He is the founder of the Human Potential Foundation and the Center for Applied Anomalous Phenomena. He supported the Fund for UFO Research (FUFOR), served on the board and as President of the American Society for Psychical Research (ASPR) and  served as board member for Atlantic University (a division of ARE, the Edgar Cayce organization the Association for Research and Enlightenment). … Read entire article »

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Video Of The Week – Options For A Planet in Peril – C.B. Scott Jones

[googlevideo][/googlevideo] Options For A Planet in Peril – C.B. Scott Jones Ph.D. Hawaii Presentation June 2006 – 081120 … Read entire article »

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Triangular UFO Footage Mystery Solved

In a recent forum discussion (Triangle ufo at Rigorous Intuition forums) someone brought to my attention video of an alleged triangular UFO that shoots a red beam of light. The video is posted online at several websites: Zwamneus Report, YouTube, LiveLeaks and others. [youtube]Qb2a2qzcuJE[/youtube] (“weird black triangle UFO with red lights” – YouTube) The information posted at these video links alleges that the footage is connected to the recent article posted at the Irish Independent News website headlined We’re not alone . . . politician and pilot spot UFO that states: “Footage, filmed on a camera phone at 10.35pm on August 3 near Dunboyne was also played and replayed to over 70 delegates who attended the fifth Irish International UFO conference in Carrick-on-Shannon. The triangular shaped image, with lights at each point, which appeared to … Read entire article »

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First Annual Texas U Find Out Forum – October 25th

FIRST TEXAS U FIND OUT FORUM SET FOR OCT. 25 FORT WORTH, TX – Responding to increasing serious interest by the public concerning the issue of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO), the Texas Research & Information Bureau (TRIB) has scheduled a forum on the subject featuring four area authorities. The First Annual Texas U Find Out Forum will be held on October 25, 2008, at Vance Godbey’s Restaurant located at 8601 Jacksboro Highway just past Lake Worth. Doors will open at 9:30 a.m. and the program will begin at 10 a.m. and last until 4 p.m. A catered buffet lunch, a panel discussion and book signings are included. Cost is $65 per person but persons who pre-register by Oct. 10 can pay only $55. Orders may be placed by telephoning 817-379-0773. Leading off the … Read entire article »

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Cop UFO Case ReViewed or ReRun

Last Wednesday (9/17/08) I got an email from a friend about an incredible multiwitness UFO event she’d read about on Yahoo news site that disappeared within a half hour of her watching the video news article. The sighting she described amounted to the possibility of yet another strange UFO event involving multiple police officers as witnesses in the same areas of Illinois as the famous Lebanon, Millstadt, Shiloh triangular UFO sightings that occurred back in January of 2000. UFO story and video immediately retracted this AM I’m a a night owl, and often on the internet in the wee hours. This AM early, before I went to bed, I saw a news story in the short list of headlines on the Yahoo! page. It had not been there more than 20 mins or … Read entire article »

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